• The Rand starts the week on the front foot

    The rally in the Euro last week assisted the Rand to strengthen to month highs. This was bolstered further on the weekend by the G20 meeting where it seems pressure is mounting on Germany and other key nations to inject further funds into the Eurozone. This week the ECB is to meet over the Long-term refinancing Operation (LTRO).The initial effects of the LTRO has stabilised the Eurozone sovereigns and the Eurozone banking systems. On Wednesday ...

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  • To the New Year, 2012

    2011 was a tough year, with the Rand being considered the worst performing currency amongst the most actively traded currencies, dropping to lows of around 8.60 to the USD. It does not seem 2012 will be much different. Neither of the developed or developing countries seem to be in a state which will allow them to experience a strong year of growth. The reason for this is that the developed countries growth was/has been ...

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